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  • Dr. Siyuan Kennedy

Therapy For Minority Populations & Immigrants

Updated: May 7, 2023

It has been widely accepted that immigrants and minorities tend to use mental health service less than non-immigrants and ethnic majorities in the United States. Immigrants and minorities tend to turn to family, friends and religious leaders for help first. The primary barriers hindering immigrants and minorities from using mental health services include: a lack of insurance, high counseling fees, and language barriers.

I have been in the United States since 2008. As a Chinese immigrant and former international student, I understand the dilemmas and difficulties that many of us are facing. As a counselor and a follower of Jesus Christ, I want to help you in this season of life by providing affordable, professional therapy for you and your family members.

Like most people who are new to counseling, you likely have some questions that immediately come to mind.

1. Who needs counseling? Answer: Everyone needs counseling from time to time. We all need help sometimes. Counseling is more socially accepted in western countries, but there is nothing wrong with seeking counseling.

2. If I go to therapy does that mean I’m crazy? Answer: Some countries may still have social stigmas about therapy, but in reality, we go to medical doctors when we are hurting physically, and we should also go to counselors when we are hurting mentally and emotionally. It just makes good common sense.

3. What about privacy and confidentiality? Will the people in my community find out about my secrets or struggles?

Answer: Your personal information will be kept confidential, and no one in your community will be given information about your counseling without your consent. I am prohibited, in fact, from even acknowledging that you are receiving counseling at our center. These are guidelines under a U.S. law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that is designed to provide privacy standards to protect our clients' medical records and other health information.

4. Is counseling expensive? Answer: You can pay for therapy through billing insurance, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare, Aetna, or Tricare. Our counseling services are also considered a ministry for the community, so our fees are much more affordable than regular therapy fees. If you don't bill insurance, you can pay through a sliding scale based on annual household income. If you are having financial difficulty, you may be eligible for a scholarship.

5. What if I don’t speak English? Answer: I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese, as well as English. If you don't speak English, you might want to bring a translator with you together.

6. If I know someone who needs counseling, what can I do? Answer: Please share our information with them and have them call our office phone number 601-898-4947 or email us directly at We will arrange appointments for them with Dr. Karen as soon as possible.

Immigrants and minorities, we care for you, and care about you. You are not alone. We are a whole family and community together in Jesus Christ. We wish you the best in your studies, work, and life. Please allow us to help you on your journey forward, through counseling and coaching. It is our joy to see you thrive in Mississippi.

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